Fauci Rips “False Narrative” That Future Oral Treatments For COVID Mean The Vaccines Will Become Unnecessary

Axios reports:

NIAID director Anthony Fauci said Sunday it is a “false narrative” to think that the coronavirus vaccines would become unnecessary if an antiviral drug announced by Merck receives federal approval.

Fauci’s remarks on ABC’s “This Week,” come on the heels of the pharmaceutical company’s announcement on Friday that an oral antiviral treatment it is developing might reduce the risk of hospitalization or death from COVID.

Fauci reiterated the importance of getting vaccinated, saying, “I mean this idea about ‘we have a drug, don’t get vaccinated,’ just doesn’t make any sense.”

Snopes reports:

Pfizer is developing an oral drug to prevent COVID-19 infections. This drug, currently known as PF-07321332, is a protease inhibitor “designed to block the activity of the main protease enzyme that the coronavirus needs to replicate.” This drug is not a repackaged version of Ivermectin.

As these reports circulated online, some social media users dubbed the new drug “Pfizermectin,” a combination of the company’s name and the drug Ivermectin —  and claimed that Pfizer was copying or cloning the drug.