Erickson: Pagan Gods Are Replacing Jesus In America

From right wing commentator Erick Erickson:

In my city, a crystal shop opened. It advertises itself as a “metaphysical/spiritual” store. You can get crystals to give you energy or calm you. You can learn to cast spells and explore astrology. You can delve into the magical arts long ago pushed aside by the Christian God.

The old gods are coming back. As Christianity fades in America, the pagan gods of old are coming back in. Interest in spirituality is on the rise. Interest in astrology is on the rise. Abortion has gone from being “safe, legal, and rare” to being celebrated. Moloch is happy.

As Christianity fades in the west, religion is not going away and there is not a rise of atheism. The real God of Creation is just being set aside and the old gods are coming back. There’ll be hell to pay for it too.