Dem New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy +11 In Final Poll

From Monmouth University Polling:

Phil Murphy maintains a sizable lead over Jack Ciattarelli, although the margin has narrowed over the past two months, according to the final Monmouth University Poll of the New Jersey governor’s race.

A top issue for voters in the current poll is taxes, an area where Ciattarelli, the Republican challenger, has a decided advantage. However, Murphy is more trusted across a wider range of policy areas.

Even though the Covid pandemic has diminished as a voter concern as education has risen as a priority, the Democratic incumbent maintains a lead because he has a clear edge on both issues.

Half (50%) of registered voters support Murphy while 39% back Ciattarelli. This 11-point margin is a slight decrease for the incumbent from results in September (13 points, 51% to 38%) and August (16 points, 52% to 36%).