Dem Mailer Touts Trump’s Endorsement Of Youngkin

Politico Playbook reports:

A Virginia tipster sent us this mailer they received that includes an endorsement of Youngkin from Donald Trump and has a MAGA-inspired design. But on closer inspection, the piece was actually paid for and sent by the state Democratic Party. Clever! Recent polls have the high-stakes race between McAuliffe and Youngkin as a neck-and-neck contest — and that means it could take days to determine the winner.

With early voting underway for the Virginia election, WaPo’s Meagan Flynn and Shawn Boburg write that poll watchers have been at locations “every day, all day long, watching the process of what’s going on,” according to Loudoun County General Registrar Judy Brown. “And in a county that has been trending blue for years, more poll watchers are wearing Republican badges, Brown said, often outnumbering Democrats 2 to 1 at each location.”