Cyber Ninjas Leader: I’m Getting Threats From Cultists

Vice News reports:

Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based company that conducted the bogus election ‘audit’ in Arizona over the last six months, says he won’t be conducting any more recounts—unless God tells him to. Logan was due to appear before the House Oversight Committee on Thursday, but his chair remained empty. Instead, he dialed into the right-wing Conservative Daily Podcast, to discuss the results of the ‘audit’ with host Max McGuire.

“If in prayer, the Lord told me to do it, I would do it again. Otherwise, no, I would not be inclined to, and quite frankly, it’s not because of the left, it’s because of the right,” Logan told McGuire when asked if he would conduct another audit if a different state asked him to. Logan said he had been inundated with messages accusing him of “not doing enough, that I did not put enough on the line.”

Read the full article. According to the piece, threats against Logan appeared in the chat field during the live podcast mentioned above.