Convicted Homocon Rioter: Please Get On Twitter And Facebook And Stop All This “Demonization Against Me”

Just in from convicted homocon rioter Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots, Throughout this year I have been strong, optimistic, and focused on the future. I still am. But these past few days have been very hard for me, and I just need to be honest and tell you about it.

Yesterday I pled guilty to a single class B misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. The amount of hatred coming my way is unlike anything I’ve experienced the past 4 years. And as usual- our side is completely silent.

I have spent 4 years advocating for peacefulness, civility, and unification. I have encouraged productive civil conversations. I have encouraged debate, discussion, and understanding. Now I’m being painted as a dangerous lunatic.

It’s very sad that our side doesn’t defend our own and vouch for the character of people while they’re being annihilated by the liberal media and on social media.

I’ll survive all of this and I’ll come back stronger than I was before. But I’ll never forget that when the chips were down, those on our side who really could have made an impact by saying even a single supportive word chose to remain silent. It’s a disgrace.

Please- get on Twitter, Facebook, wherever you can- and start reversing this culture of demonization against me. YOU ALL KNOW my character and the truth about who I am.

You all KNOW that I am 100% against violence and political hatred. I’m asking everybody to start posting positive things that you believe about me. Push back against the one sided hate attacks that are happening right now.

I’ve been completely quiet this year about my case, because the right thing to do is allow my attorneys to do their jobs and work through the legal process.

As you know, the media is salivating to make every person connected with this case- even if they’re connected in the most tertiary or peripheral of ways- appear in the most demonic light.

I still have nothing to say about my case, other than this- as it’s being widely (and likely INTENTIONALLY) misreported: I did NOT enter the Capitol building. I am not now nor have I ever been accused of entering the Capitol building- because I didn’t.

Almost every story I’ve read so far says or implies that I went inside. I did NOT. The amount of hatred being leveled at me this week is unlike anything I’ve experienced the past 4 years. I feel like I’m being attacked by an army.

Please send love. Love. Love. LOVE. And tell your husbands, boyfriends, sons, and fathers to sign up for my emails!! I only get about 1 out of 100 emails from men. lol I love my women followers, but also want to hear from the guys that we’re all going to get through this in one piece.

I believe to err is human. I believe in owning mistakes. I believe in redemption. I hope one day we can all find our way back to forgiveness. The toxic hatred is just sick. Enough of it already. I’ll probably just spend the weekend reading your emails. Again- send me all the love and positivity you’ve got.