Catholic Bishop Goes Full QAnon: The Storm Is Upon Us

Religion News Service reports:

A conservative Catholic bishop in Texas praised a speech by actor Jim Caviezel this week, lauding remarks that included criticism of Pope Francis and were delivered at a conference connected to QAnon. Bishop Joseph Strickland, who heads the Diocese of Tyler and is known for his controversial brand of conservatism, tweeted out a link to a website praising Caviezel’s speech, with the prelate insisting “all need to listen” to its message.

By then a clip of the speech had already been widely shared on social media in which the actor recites a line from Mel Gibson’s 1995 movie “Braveheart.” The speech took place at the “For God & Country: Patriot Double Down” conference convened in Las Vegas over the weekend. The speakers also included Couy Griffin, a pastor and founder of Cowboys for Trump who has said he believes former President Donald Trump was “ordained by God.”

Read the full article. In QAnon parlance, the “storm” is when Trump’s secret military force arrests and executes hundreds of Democrats and celebrities for their Satanic child abuse rituals.

RELATED: In the final clip below, Strickland rages against homosexuality in an interview with a self-proclaimed ex-gay porn star. (Nobody has ever found any any of his supposed movies.)