Capitol Riot Couple Gets Off With $5000 Fine Each

Law & Crime reports:

A federal judge who imposed the highest possible fine — but no prison time — as punishment for breaching the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6 said that he wanted the sentence to send a message. “I want the sentence to hurt,” U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton said during a sentencing hearing for Lori and Thomas Vinson on Friday. “People have to understand if you’re doing something like this, it’s going to hurt.”

Prosecutor Mary Dohrmann had asked for Lori to be sentenced to 30 days in prison, largely because of her “very public and clearly doubling down” statements she made after losing her job as a nurse when her employer discovered that she was in the Capitol on Jan. 6. “I hope that is something I remember and say, ‘I’m glad I was a part of that,’ 30 years from now,” she told local NBC affiliate WFIE shortly after she was fired.

Read the full article. The Vinsons must each pay a $5000 fine and perform 120 hours of community service. Prosecutors had sought 30 days in jail for Lori Vinson.