Canadian Anti-Vax Leader Intubated For Something

Canada’s Global News reports:

Former Saskatoon PPC candidate and well-known critic of COVID-19 restrictions Mark Friesen is in a Toronto hospital with COVID-19, one of his supporters said in a video. The video is titled “How Long Will Canada Remain Docile?” and was posted on Rumble. “Many of you are following what is happening with Mark Friesen. I love this man,” Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson tells her viewers. “Many of you know, Mark got COVID, he is actually intubated at this time.”

It came to light earlier this week that Friesen had pneumonia and was transferred to Ontario, according to a different video posted by a supporter. Friesen has been a prominent critic of public health measures related to COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. He has appeared and spoken at rallies across the province and posts about his views on social media pages.

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