CA Anti-Vaxxers Tell Schoolkids They’re Being Raped

Vice News reports:

A group of militant anti-vaccine activists protested children walking to school in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, with one notorious anti-vaxxer screaming, “They’re trying to rape our children with this poison.”

The protester in question was Shiva Bagheri, a dog walker, dancer, and founder of the protest group Beverly Hills Freedom Rally, which has held numerous anti-mask and anti-vaccine events in recent months. She was also recently caught on camera punching a cancer survivor while protesting a mask mandate at a cancer clinic.

On Wednesday morning Bagheri joined a larger group of protesters who confronted parents and children from Hawthorne Elementary School as they took part in National Walk to School Day.

Read the full article. This week in Britain, a group of anti-vaxxers showed children photos of dead and deformed kids, telling them that was in store for them.