BOOK: Trump’s WH Was Like A “Clown Car On Fire Driving Full Speed Into A Warehouse Full Of Fireworks”

The Insider reports:

Former top White House aide Stephanie Grisham used a slew of colorful metaphors to describe former President Donald Trump’s White House in her forthcoming memoir.

In one instance, she wrote that in the White House, “everything was like a clown car on fire running at full speed into a warehouse full of fireworks,” according to an excerpt of her book published by Politico on Friday.

“I can give you endless metaphors to describe the Trump White House from a press person’s perspective — living in a house that was always on fire or in an insane asylum where you couldn’t tell the difference between the patients and the attendants or on a roller coaster that never stopped — but trust me, it was a hot mess 24/7,” she wrote.

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