At GOP Rally In Virginia, Cultists Recite The Pledge Of Allegiance To Flag Allegedly Flown During Capitol Riot

Newsweek reports:

Democrats have condemned an event in support of Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee for governor of Virginia, after the Pledge of Allegiance was performed to a flag apparently flown during the January 6 Capitol attack.

During the “Take Back Virginia Rally” in Henrico County, Martha Boneta, the Republican host of the event, called someone to the stage who was carrying an American flag that was reportedly present at what was referred to as the “peaceful rally with Donald J. Trump” on January 6.

The Republican referred to the January 6 insurrection as “peaceful” despite it resulting in the deaths of five people and a number of suspects being charged with violent offenses including assaulting police officers.

The Washington Post reports:

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin steered clear Wednesday night as former president Donald Trump phoned into a rally for the state’s GOP ticket, headlined by onetime Trump adviser Stephen K. Bannon.

“Glenn Youngkin is a great gentleman,” Trump said, predicting the Republican will beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe while reiterating his false claim of victory in last year’s presidential election. “We won in 2016. We won in 2020 — the most corrupt election in the history of our country, probably one of the most corrupt anywhere. But we’re gonna win it again.”

Although Youngkin skipped the event, held at a suburban Richmond restaurant, Fredericks said Youngkin had thanked him “profusely” for arranging it and supplied him with campaign signs to hand out; Youngkin’s campaign spokesman declined to comment on the rally or Fredericks’s assertion.