Arizona Woman Rants About Jews, Cloning, Deep State, And The “Deadly Poison” Vax At School Board Meeting

“I’m a cloning expert with 35 years experience. And I was a consultant to the CDC. I’ve owned a pharmacy. I wanna tell you that this vaccine, this COVID vaccine is a deadly poison. That’s it. I’m just gonna tell you that.

“Everybody that takes it is damaging their immune system and they’re talking about this being given to children now. It’s going to destroy them. You need to do more research on it. I’m an expert on it, and I’m telling you that’s what it’s doing.

“You know what? You wanna talk about racism? You wanna bring it in? Then let’s bring it in. Let’s get to the bottom of, the bottom of it. You’re talking about White supremacy, OK? Let’s get to the very bottom of it.

“Everyone one of these things, the deep state, the cabal, the swamp, the elite, you can’t mention it. But I will. There is one race that owns all the pharmaceutical companies, and these vaccines aren’t safe, they aren’t effective, and they aren’t free.

“You know that you’re paying for it through the increase in gas prices, the increase in food prices. You’re paying for this. And it’s being taken from your money and given to these pharmaceutical companies.

“And if you wanna bring race into this, it’s the Jews.” – Alleged veterinarian Melanie Rettler, speaking at a school board meeting in Chandler County, Arizona.