Anti-Vax Woman Rages To School Board About Their “Satanic Agenda:” Schools Are “Teaching Cannibalism”

“I’m just wondering if we’re attending a clown show. This is ridiculous. You know how ridiculous you guys look with all these masks on? Satanic, OK?

“You know, Satan’s agenda is behind all of this. And I want to address what is actually behind this agenda. The fear-mongering. Masks don’t work and neither does vaccines. It’s destroying and it’s killing.

“Right before the Holocaust – and let me remind you – they masked them up. They’re not being told, they’re dumbed-down. All the children.

“Why are you attacking our children? The reason why you are attacking the children is because you want to program the children to turn into parents and right now there are classrooms in the United States that are teaching cannibalism.

“Where does this come from? OK? What else are you guys gonna be doing? You’re dumbing-down the children, you’re dumbing-down the parents.

“You’re actually banging on the parents who want to stand up for freedom for our kids. You have no medical background.” – Totally not crazy woman, speaking to the Traverse City, Michigan, school board.

In the bonus crazy clip below, a man follows up by ranting about the “stolen” election before going on anti-LGBT tangent about gay/straight alliance clubs and “fecal matter.”