Anti-Vax Texas Nurse And Co-Owner Of Alleged COVID “Air Purification Units” Company Dies Of Something

From her Facebook page:

It’s like we are playing Russian Roulette with these V a c c I n e s. Their stories are deleted and their accounts banned. No one takes responsibility for the deaths and injuries these people have faced- not the government, not the manufacturer of the shot, not the facility mandating it. I’m sorry, but if you have a product that you are promoting, you need to back it 100%- the good, the bad, the ugly. Covering up and deleting stories like these just makes you look more guilty.

The spacing in “vaccines” is meant to defeat Facebook algorithms about fake news. Aside from anti-vax lies, her page is littered with anti-Biden and anti-trans memes. And of course, there’s pitches for horse paste. You can find the usual roundup at Sorry, Antivaxxer. Oh, and she was allegedly a nurse.