Anti-Vax Satanic Ritual Abuse Expert Dies Of Something

From a totally normal Facebook post:

Russ Dizdar was a prominent Christian truther whose work exposed the satanic underworld that implicates the government and military. I believe he could have been murdered, much like Rob Skiba who also died last week.

Research Russ’ work, the rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers and The Black Awakening. The Black Awakening involves satanic ritual abuse at high levels, down to every sleepy town. They are out there and they are out to get Christians. It seems, but I could be wrong, that we are beginning to see this take place.

Other Male leaders in this truther movement are also deathly sick. Human trafficking, MK Ultra, Programmed Multiples, The Black Awakening. Take out Christians and create their order out of chaos.

Dizdar’s books include Expelling Darkness – Engaging Non Human Entities Now, In the End of Days, The Black Awakening: Rise of Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos.

On YouTube, you’ll find hundreds of clips in which Dizdar speaks of hunting down demons, Satan worshipers, and pedophiles, all of which, he claimed, are everywhere at every level of government.

His main gig, apparently, was exposing “SRA” – satanic ritual abuse. Next week he was due to appear at an event with frequent JMG subject Dave Daubenmire.