Anti-Vax Mob Shuts Down Portland School Meeting

Portland, Oregon’s CBS News affiliate reports:

Protesters against student vaccine mandates, along with anti-maskers, forced a Portland Public School Board meeting to take place virtually, as the board was set to discuss a possible COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students 12-and-older.

The meeting drew a crowd of at least 100 parents and students when the Board Chair decided to move it online after upwards of a dozen people in attendance refused to put on a mask.

“It was upsetting to see that parents basically took away the voices of students in an in-person setting” Lincoln High School senior Xander Levine said.

Fox News reports:

“I will not sit down,” one maskless attendee of the meeting is heard shouting at the board on Tuesday evening, calling the members “cowards.”

“It’s about freedom of choice. In Oregon we have exemptions. We have philosophical, religious, medical exemptions. That should be the end of it. There’s no reason why a school board should be mandating anything,” PPS parent Sonja Feintech told Fox 12, explaining she helped organize the large attendance.

When the board exited the room, the parents and other attendees formed a circle to discuss why they are against such a mandate, OregonLive reported. They also chanted “recall the board” and “stop the vote.”