Anti-Vax Alaska State Senator Is Sick With Something

Remember the covidiot Alaska state rep who requested to be excused from legislative sessions because she’s been banned by Alaska Airlines and would have to drive 18 hours to the capital? Here’s your karmic update:

“Its my turn to battle Covid head on… game on!” Republican state Sen. Lora Reinbold wrote on Facebook on Tuesday night. “When I defeat it, I will tell you my recipe.”

On Tuesday night, Reinbold complained on Facebook that she was “completely unimpressed” with instructions she’d supposedly been given to take Tylenol after testing positive, alleging it was a “bad recipe” from the CDC.

“I am blessed to have gotten Ivirmectin [sic] the ‘de -covider,’” she added, promising those following along on social media that she would provide periodic updates and stay out of the hospital. “Some of them seem like scary places these days,” she wrote.

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