Anti-Vax Alaska Horse Paste Activist Dies Of Something

The Anchorage Daily News reports:

A conservative Anchorage political activist’s illness at Providence Alaska Medical Center became a flashpoint in a battle over COVID-19 treatments this week, with a city Assembly member joining in a campaign to compel doctors to administer ivermectin, an unproven treatment for the virus.

William Topel’s treatment at Providence became a rallying point for people who say patients should be allowed to try ivermectin, a medicine used to treat parasites in humans and worms in livestock that the FDA says should not be used for COVID-19.

Topel died early Wednesday, according to Michael Chambers, an Anchorage artist who described himself as a longtime friend. Topel, who had testified at numerous Anchorage Assembly meetings against pandemic precautions, was hospitalized late last week after contracting the virus.

The Anchorage Landmine reports

Some time late last week, Anchorage Assembly member Jamie Allard was given advance directive powers over Topel, allowing the Assembly member to make unilateral healthcare decisions regarding Topel’s care. A source at Providence told the Landmine that for days, Allard and her supporters have been relentlessly harassing nurses, doctors, and hospital administrators, compromising their ability to provide medical care for other patients.

According to the Landmine’s source, on October 9, a small group including Terrence Shanigan, who serves as the legislative affairs director for Mayor Dave Bronson, was repeatedly turned away while attempting to gain entry to Providence. The group claimed that they were attempting to visit “a friend,” who the Landmine’s source presumes to be Topel. The group was then caught by security attempting to sneak into a back door.

Mayor Dave Bronson, you may recall, earned national headlines for praising anti-vax activists who wore the Star of David. He apologized after widespread condemnation. As for the late William Topel, his Facebook posts will likely appear shortly on Sorry, Anti-Vaxxer. Of note, the top name on his friends list is state Sen. Lora “No Fly List” Reinbold.