Anti-Mask Man Shitcanned After Harassing School Kids

The Daily Mail reports:

A New York realtor was fired a day after he posted video of himself chasing young children down the street as they left school and telling them they had been abused because they were being forced to wear masks by teachers and parents.

Curtis Goldstein, who also goes by the name Curtis Orwell, worked for R New York Real Estate and posted the footage in which he yelled at the youngsters through a bullhorn on Thursday. On Friday, R New York CEO Stefani Berkin confirmed that Goldstein had been fired from the real estate firm in an Instagram post.

‘You need to be breathing fresh oxygen. This is diabolical. This is a psychological operation. Children should be breathing fresh oxygen!’ Goldstein yells. ‘Your children are abusing you because they can’t let go of CNN. They can’t let go!’

Read the full article. As you’ll see from the photos, it looks like this tool is also a QAnon nutbag.