Anchorage Mayor Sorry For Star Of David Comments

The Washington Post reports:

As residents filed into the Anchorage Assembly meeting to debate a mask mandate on Wednesday night, a community member stood by the entrance and handed out yellow Stars of David adorned with the phrase “Do not comply.” The stars — references to those imposed on Jews by the Nazis — symbolized the consequences of forcing people to wear masks, she said. Then the mayor made a shocking defense: “I think us borrowing that from them is actually a credit to them,” Dave Bronson said, referring to Jewish people.

The national blowback and condemnation from local Jewish community leaders against the Republican mayor was swift. Bronson backtracked his words and apologized. “I understand that we should not trivialize or compare what happened during the Holocaust to a mask mandate and I want to apologize for any perception that my statements support or compare what happened to the Jewish people in Nazi Germany, that was one of the most evil and darkest times in our world’s history,” he said in a statement.

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