VIRAL VIDEO: Connecticut “Karen” Attacks US Sailor

The Hartford Courant reports:

A video on TikTok showing a woman shrieking and cursing at a man in a Berlin pizzeria has prompted a criminal investigation, with police saying the victim was a Navy sailor attacked for no apparent reason. At one point, the woman appears to slap the man — who is off camera — and yelling “this is disgusting” while flinging his cap to the ground.

The widely shared video has led scores of commenters across social media platforms to express outrage, particularly because the incident happened on the night of Sept. 11, and the victim — Sean Nolte Jr. — was apparently in uniform.

Nolte described the woman yelling “He is a fake by the way, my husband is in the Army,” and then discrediting the ID he produced.

Read the full article. The Courant notes that a local TV station recently saluted Nolte for his military service. Nolte is also a volunteer firefighter in his Pennsylvania hometown. Police are asking the public for help in identifying the woman.

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