UK Eases Visa Rules Amid Brexit-Fueled Shortages

The Washington Post reports:

Hoping to ease a supply-chain crisis and forestall a Christmas logjam, the British government announced late Saturday night that more than 10,000 foreign workers will be eligible for temporary visas to work as truck drivers and in the food industry.

The move is a departure for Boris Johnson’s administration, which, since Britain’s exit from the European Union in January 2020, has overhauled its immigration system to end what it described as an overreliance on cheap, low-skilled foreign labor.

But in a U-turn this weekend, the government said it would allow temporary visas for truck drivers and poultry workers. It comes as labor shortages in Britain have rippled through the economy, with supermarkets running out of some goods and restaurant chains like McDonald’s and KFC cutting items from their menus.

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