TX Restaurant Ejects Family For Wearing Masks [VIDEO]

Dallas’s CBS News affiliate reports:

It was last week when Natalie Wester and her husband went to Hang Time, a bar and restaurant in Rowlett, with a few friends. Something they say they don’t do often as new parents.

“If you’ve ever been new parents, having those couple of hours out like once or twice a month is so important for your mental health,” Wester said. They’re fully vaccinated, but say they choose to mask up when out to protect their immunocompromised four-month-old son.

But once inside, they were told they had to take them off. “Our waitress came over, sat down next to me and said, ‘Our manager told me to come over because I am nicer than he is… But this is political and I need you to take your masks off.’”

Read the full article. The owner is interviewed in the clip.