Trump To Endorse Liz Cheney’s Primary Challenger

Politico reports:

Donald Trump is set to back Wyoming attorney Harriet Hageman as she prepares a primary challenge against GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, according to three people with knowledge of his plans, marking the most important political endorsement yet in Trump’s post-presidency.

Trump’s looming involvement in the primary will test his political power in the GOP like never before, as he seeks to punish the most high-profile House Republican to vote for his impeachment in January.

His allies and team not only encouraged Hageman to run against Cheney — they now are under pressure to clear the crowded primary field of other candidates who could split anti-Cheney sentiment, which would give the incumbent the chance to win her primary with only a plurality.

Read the full article. Hageman is presently senior counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance, which represents right wing media outlets and others in lawsuits against the federal government. In 2018, she ran for Wyoming governor, finishing third in the GOP primary. In 2014, she worked on Cheney’s failed bid for the US Senate.