Trump Claims “Two Big Firemen” Saved Him On 9/11

Vice News reports:

Trump told Newsmax Tuesday night that he was “down there” near the World Trade Center and helped out after the attacks, a claim he’s been making for two decades now. But while he was near the site in the days after the attack, he’s never proven that he helped — and he’s lied about charitable donations to support 9/11 victims. Trump, who plans to spend the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by calling a boxing match, went on to claim that he heard another building nearby creaking as if it might collapse.

“We were hearing creaks—I’ve never forgotten it, it was I think the United States Steel Building it was called at the time, it was 50 stories tall, and we heard creaks. I said, ‘That building is going to come down,’ and two big firemen grabbed me, and grabbed other people, and they just moved out of that area. Never came down, but I never heard a noise like that. And it was a scary situation.”

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