Top GOP/Trump Donor To Host Las Vegas QAnon Event

Vice News reports:

At the end of August, the “For God & Country Patriot Double Down” was left without a home, when Caesars in Las Vegas pulled the plug. Just days later, the organizers posted a video of themselves celebrating securing a new venue, but decided not to reveal the name in a bid to stop the public and the media pressuring the hotel to cancel the event.

But now VICE News can reveal that the new venue is the Ahern Hotel and Convention Center, a premises close to the Las Vegas Strip owned by Don Ahern, a multi-millionaire businessman who is the finance chairman of the Nevada Republican Party and one of the biggest supporters of former President Donald Trump.

That a prominent Republican financier and supporter of Trump is now hosting the country’s largest QAnon event is just the latest example of how QAnon conspiracies have taken hold in mainstream GOP politics.

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According to their website, scheduled speakers include Michael Flynn, Ron Watkins, Jim Watkins, George Papadopolous, Juanita Broadrick, Cowboys For Trump founder Cuoy Griffin, anti-LGBT activist Bevelyn Beatty, several Nevada GOP state reps, and a slew other nobodies who’ve hitched their grifting wagons to the QAnon crazies.