Tony Perkins: Man Is Responsible For Climate Change But The Only Solution Is To Surrender To Jesus [VIDEO]

“Man is responsible for the changing climate. Our sin has corrupted the environment and it began in the Garden of Eden with the fall of man. And the climate has only gotten worse ever since.

“But the solution is not bigger government that will take more of your money and more of your freedoms and promise more things that they cannot deliver on.

“The solution is going back to the heart of the matter. Number one, Jesus is telling us this is gonna happen. This is the unfolding of human history.

“Yes, this is code red. The warning signs are going off all around us. But the solution is not to turn to the government and surrender more of our powers.

“It is to turn to the lord Jesus Christ and surrender our lives and everything we have to to him. And to serve him faithfully in the midst of these challenging times.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins.