Texas Woman Follows Judge Around Grocery Store To Scream Hanging Threats About Mask Mandate [VIDEO]

The San Antonio News-Express reports:

A San Antonio woman yelled and harassed Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff over the mask mandate while he walked through an H-E-B parking lot last weekend. The hairstylist, who goes by Ashley Rocks on social media, posted a video of her following Wolff on her Instagram on Sunday, September 5. The clip showed her calling Wolff a “communist” and a “traitor” for imposing mask mandates.

“You are going to go to jail. They are going to hang you,” Rocks said in the video. “Treason and crimes against humanity. You are going down. Better enjoy your freedom while it lasts, buddy. Then you have to answer to God.” Wolff didn’t respond to the woman and continued to walk to his vehicle to load his groceries. In June 2020, a Lowe’s customer was cited for disorderly conduct after he slapped Wolff over the county judge’s emergency order allowing businesses to mandate masks.

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