Televangelist: God Is About To Send An “Angelic Army” To Murder The Leaders Of Every Government [VIDEO]

“God is loosing an angelic army from heaven that’s going to invade the earth. Hear me! You’re gonna see leaders drop dead!

“Not just the United States. They’re gonna drop dead in Australia. They’re gonna drop dead in Canada. They’re gonna drop dead in Russia, in the Philippines,  in Los Angeles, in New York City.

“God is gonna say, ‘I’ve had enough, says the Lord.’ And he’s going to remove it. Years ago – probably 15, 20 years ago – I began to speak prophetically. 

“And God said, ‘Before I get done, there’s gonna be so many dead bodies in America that they will lay in the streets because there will not be room in funeral homes to handle the dead.’ That’s fixin’ to happen!” – Televangelist Kent Christmas, earning an ovation from the packed arena.

Christmas last appeared on JMG in July when he made a similar prediction about God murdering everyone on Earth who doesn’t believe in him. Also: Jesus told him in 2015 that Trump was going to win, “and he did by 80 million votes.”