Speaker At DeSantis Event Claims Biden “Grabbed” Everybody’s Horse Paste Because He Knows It Works

Florida Politics reports:

Charles Craig, a 40 year old handyman from Apollo Beach, said that the White House had “grabbed” hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and were doing the same with Regeneron-branded monoclonal antibody treatment.

“To think that they’re limiting the access of this is sickening. It works. It’s awesome. Another reason you know it works,” Craig said. “In the beginning, hydroxychloroquine worked. They grabbed it. More recently, ivermectin worked. They grabbed it. And now they’re grabbing my Regeneron.”

The Governor made no comment about the speaker’s claims about hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, two discredited COVID-19 treatments embraced disproportionately by the anti-vaxxer set, but he did distance Regeneron from them in his comments saying it was the only approved treatment of the three.

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