QAnon Rep Flat Out Calls For US Christian Theocracy

Kyle Mantyla has the transcript at Right Wing Watch:

We cannot take another 18 months, we cannot take another three years of this poor, failed leadership. We are sons and daughters of revolutionaries. They went to battle for a lot less. They took a stand for a lot less. And it’s time we get involved.

I need you involved in every local level. I need you speaking up. I need the world to hear your voice. You know the word of God, and you know that there is power in your words, that the world was framed by words. You have the Lord God Almighty on your side. I need you to use your voice and speak.”

What if Jesus showed up today and said, ‘From this point forward, everything you say you will have it’? He said it! That’s exactly what he said to us. So, what are we saying? Are we going to sit and agree with the enemy? Are we going to agree with what the enemy is doing?

Are we going to sit back and complain and murmur? Or are we going to speak life into this nation? Are we going to speak victory? Are we going to declare that God removes these unrighteous politicians, these corrupt, crooked politician, and installs righteous men and women of God?

You have the God kind of faith, and that faith speaks. That faith speaks to mountains, those impossible, immovable situations, and I think there’s some mountains they need to hear your voice.

It’s time the church speaks up. The church has relinquished too much authority to government. We should not be taking orders from the government; the government needs to be looking at the church and saying, ‘How do we do this effectively?’

Boebert was speaking at a “Truth & Liberty Coalition” event put on by televangelist Andrew Wommack. Watch the clip for full-on Christian nationalism. The “mountains” bit is a reference to so-called Seven Mountains dominionism.

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