QAnon Hate Pastor: I’ve Seen Sick Videos Proving That Hillary Clinton Is “High Priestess In The Satanic Church”

“Did you know some of the most well-known corrupted evil politicians you’ve heard of are full-blown devil worshipers? I seen videos that will make you sick. You ever notice when people say stuff like this, they don’t get sued? Because they don’t want discovery.

“When I tell you that Hillary Clinton is a high priestess in the Satanic church, I wish to God she’d sue me over it. I’ve seen the video footage. That woman worships the devil 1000%. People like, ‘You better pray for her.’ She has been given over to a reprobate mind.

“I’m telling you, Satanism has infiltrated politics in America. You know where all this pedophilia, this sex trafficking comes from? They gotta have a supply and demand. And there’s a big demand and they’re lacking supply now.

“So you know what you do? You open the borders. They ain’t foolin’ me, church. They ain’t foolin’ me.” – Hate pastor Greg Locke, who will appear this weekend at a conference with Mike Huckabee, Rep. Madison Cawthorn and other local Republicans.