QAnon/GOP Rep Accuses Biden Of Being A Pedophile

First, this from the Colorado Newsline:

Congressional Republicans on Wednesday night were the victors in an annual charity baseball game against Democrats, 13-12, even as a bitterly divided Congress struggles to pass major legislation this week. There were some feel-good moments, like when President Joe Biden passed out ice cream bars in the dugouts. Biden was inducted into the Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame.

One particularly polarizing Republican was not at Wednesday night’s match-up, though. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia had been slated to join the GOP team. Another election denier, Rep. Lauren Boebert, did attend, and heckled Democrats from the stands. “They’re stealing (bases) like they stole the election,” she shouted. Boebert hopped the fence and charged onto the field to join Republicans as they celebrated their win.

Read the full article. The piece notes that it was difficult to fully enjoy the game with so many of the GOP players having voted to overturn the result of the election. Which brings us to the tweet below from Boebert.