Pope Francis: Humanity Has A Friendship With Vaccines

The Associated Press reports:

Pope Francis said Wednesday he didn’t understand why people refuse to take COVID-19 vaccines, saying “humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines,” and that serene discussion about the shots was necessary to help them. Francis noted that children for decades have been vaccinated against measles, mumps and polio “and no one said anything.”

“Even in the College of Cardinals, there are some negationists,” Francis said Wednesday, en route home from Slovakia.  He noted that one of them, “poor guy,” had been hospitalized with the virus. That was an apparent reference to U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke, who was hospitalized in the U.S. and placed on a ventilator last month after contracting the virus.

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In yesterday’s interview, Francis called vaccine refusers “strange.” Earlier this year the Vatican formally declared COVID vaccines to be “morally acceptable” even if some were developed using decades-old fetal cell lines. In June, Francis said it was “suicide” to refuse the vaccine.