Politico: Texts Contradict Claims In Grisham’s Book

Politico Playbook reports:

STEPHANIE GRISHAM writes in her upcoming book that she did not believe that the election was stolen and tried to convince MELANIA TRUMP there was no grand conspiracy to deny her husband a second term. But a senior Trump aide provided text messages to Playbook suggesting that Grisham was sympathetic to — and in one instance tried to assist — efforts to stop the certification of the election in her home state of Arizona.

On Nov. 5, after Arizona A.G. MARK BRNOVICH rebutted claims from DONALD TRUMP supporters that voters who used Sharpies had their ballots improperly disqualified, Grisham forwarded his tweet to a Trump aide and wrote of Brnovich, “Told you. Useless.” The following week, on Nov. 12, Grisham texted the same aide with a WaPo report about Brnovich telling Fox News there was “no evidence” of fraud that would change the results in Arizona. “Such an ass,” she wrote.

Read the full article. As you’ll see, Grisham also reportedly sought help in finding $100,000 to fund the Arizona fraudit. According to Politico, MAGA world is furious about Grisham’s book and multiple Trump insiders have offered “receipts” to further prove she backed attempts to overturn the election. Grisham’s alleged tell-all is due out next month.