Oliver North: Joe Biden Is “Obviously” Taking Speed

Media Matters has the transcript:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Well, I will tell you there is a great discernment here. If you look at the disastrous last couple of press conferences he’s had, it has — there’s been three unmitigated disasters, and then — I guess they gave him a lot of caffeine today, or whatever. And “You go be tough, Joey,” and he was late, as usual, hours late and I’m sure just practicing, “No, put more force behind it, yell, yell, lecture,” you know. And — and —

OLIVER NORTH: Well, look —

HANNITY: But there’s something really — you don’t go from no energy, to like, the Energizer Bunny, just like that.

NORTH: There’s medicines for that. No, no, there really is. I mean, there’s injections you can take, there’s pills you can take, and obviously, he got some of those today.