NYC’s Newest Scary Skyscraper Attraction Set To Open

NY1 reports:

Step out ledges more than 1,000 feet above the city are attached to the exterior of One Vanderbilt, the skyscraper just west of Grand Central Terminal that is the second tallest office building in town.

At a height of 1,401 feet, it’s an opportunity to look 1,000 feet down onto Madison Avenue, and just one part of the four-level observatory experience in the tower called Summit One Vanderbilt, which officially opens on Oct. 21.

The Summit Terrace brings visitors outdoors around the South and West sides of the building, on their way to what one might call the grand finale. It’s called Ascent — an all glass elevator with a transparent floor that takes a one-minute ride up the side of the building.

AM NY reports:

Guests can also experience the Après sky lounge, the Summit Terrace, an open-air viewing spot that wraps around the south and west sides of One Vanderbilt, and Air, which is SUMMIT One Vanderbilt’s walk-through art experience.

“In addition to its remarkable materiality, Air is a living, breathing entity, expressed through its multisensory use of sound, lighting and production design. It’s a story that evolves with each successive space, bringing visitors deeper and deeper into the experience until finally, they become part of it.

“Though Air is deeply personal, the experience reveals a shared consciousness, inviting visitors of any age to revel in collective wonder,” says Kenzo Digital, Artist and CEO, Kenzo Digital Immersive.

In the clips, you can get a taste of the dizzying “Air” installation, which employs mirrors and glass floors to create a sort of multi-level fun house effect. Definitely not for acrophobics.

Visitors are advised to wear pants to “avoid unwanted exposure on glass and mirrored floors.”

Tickets: $39 to $73 with a $10 surcharge for sunset visits.

Screenshot above: NY1’s Roger Clark, lying on the ledge.