“Not Happy” Homocon DC Riot Suspect Appears To Hint At Plea Deal: “I May Be Swallowing A Very Bitter Pill”

Via email from homocon riot suspect Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots,  It probably comes as no big surprise at this point to hear me say, “There’s much I can’t talk about right now.” I know you must be so sick of hearing it. This week is a crucial week however. Very, very crucial.

For now, suffice it to say that I have to make a major decision, and also suffice it to say that my choices are not plentiful.

As of now, I am not happy with what I am being asked to do. It flies in the face of what is true, and I have always been about telling the truth- whether people like it or not.

It’s sad to me that a person can be put in a position to have to take ownership of something that is false, and seemingly have no other choice.

Please pray to God that somehow this week right will be done and truth and justice will prevail.

Try not to worry about me. I will be ok. I will ALWAYS be ok. But right is right and wrong is wrong. And I may be swallowing a very bitter pill. I hope somehow I won’t have to.

All I ask is that you pray and send love. This email may sound somber and pessimistic, but you know me- I’m an eternal optimist. No matter what is done to me, I hold my head high- I know the truth- and I remain optimistic and determined to look to a bright future.

I’ll have more to report in the coming days. This is all for now. Sending love to you all, and would love to hear from you all with some love in return. Thank you, Patriots.

The email closes with the usual plea for donations. It appears that Straka’s hearing is set for October 6th, but a plea deal may mean we’ll hear something before then.