No Release For DC Rioter Who Struck Cops With Bat

Courthouse News reports:

Despite the man’s claims of abuse in jail and other issues, a federal judge refused Monday to order the release of a 26-year-old who fought police for over two hours during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. According to video evidence, some of which the upstate New Yorker filmed himself, Edward Jacob Lang hit officers with an aluminum baseball bat and protective shields, and kicked an officer that was on the ground.

Lang says has been physically and mentally abused by guards during the ongoing solitary confinement. He says his rations have been cut in half, he hasn’t been able to exercise his right to worship, and he hasn’t been able to shave, get a haircut. Lang has also refused to get vaccinated, meaning he would need to quarantine for two weeks after if if he ever wanted to meet with his attorneys in a confidential setting face-to-face.

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