New Fox Nation Series “Proves” Existence Of Heaven

The Christian Post reports:

As the Fox News Channel approaches its 25-year anniversary, a fixture at the network, Ainsley Earhardt, is taking a look into the great beyond with her new series, “Beyond and Back.”

The current co-host of the No. 1 morning show in cable news, “Fox & Friends,” is a professing Christian who is very vocal about her faith and its role in her everyday life. She launched the new series on Fox Nation to uncover intriguing stories of both believers and non-believers who can’t explain how they survived death.

Each story is beyond scientific explanation. The five-part series begins with the first episode, “Proof of Heaven.” It tells the story of a man of science (a neurosurgeon) who did not believe in the afterlife until his own experience with the “beyond.”

Read the full article. It appears that the full five episode series is now available for streaming with a Fox Nation subscription.