Missouri Paper’s Editorial Board Compares Removal Of LGBT History Exhibit To Taliban Destruction Of Artifacts

From the editorial board of the Kansas City Star:

The decision to remove a display of Kansas City’s gay and lesbian history from the Missouri State Capitol is outrageous, potentially illegal, and yet another embarrassment for a state with a history of intolerance.

It appears a state legislative staffer was somehow offended by the exhibit, raised a stink on social media, got a few legislators to agree, and DNR pulled the display after just four days. “To God be the Glory!” the offended staffer posted on Facebook.

From 1996 until 2001, the Taliban destroyed much of the cultural and intellectual history of Afghanistan. Taliban fighters claimed a faith motive for the destruction. “We deem it a must … because of our religious responsibility,” a spokesman said at the time. That isn’t “to God be the Glory!” but it’s close. Too close.

Read the full editorial. Whoa.

Photo: Missouri state Sen. Mitch Boggs, whose legislative aide filed the complaint.