Mike Lindell To Conduct “Tests” On Alabama Voter Rolls In Cooperation With Governor And Secretary Of State

The Birmingham News reports:

MyPillow founder and Donald Trump adviser Mike Lindell plans to conduct “tests” on Alabama’s voter rolls after purchasing the list, said Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, who along with Gov. Kay Ivey met with Lindell on Friday. Lindell is going to comb through the list of Alabama voters to determine whether the state has any ineligible people on it, including deceased residents.

Lindell, who set up the meeting with Merrill after attending Trump’s “Save America” rally in Cullman in late August, heaped praise on Alabama’s election procedures, ranging from the state’s voter ID law to how votes are tabulated in the state, according to Merrill. But Lindell “still believes there’s a potential to hack some equipment, even though we assured him none of our equipment is connected to the Internet,” the secretary of state said.

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RELATED: Merrill last appeared on JMG in April 2021 when he dropped his US Senate bid after being busted on tape in an adulterous affair. According to a recording posted by a far-right outlet, Merrill is fond of anal play.

In February, Merrill was named chairman of the RNC’s new “Election Integrity Commission.” He is being term-limited out of his current post.

Merrill also appeared on JMG in 2020 when he attempted to flame Twitter critics over the law requiring notarized affidavits to accompany an absentee ballot.

That law requires voters to have access to a computer or photocopier, and a printer. He told one man that if he’s too stupid to figure it out, he should probably plan on “voting in person.”

Prior to that, Merrill was mentioned here during his previous failed Senate bid when he blamed mass shootings on the media.

And before that, we heard from him when he blamed “homosexual activities” for the dearth of wholesome family entertainment like Gunsmoke, which went off the air 45 years ago. When asked for an example of those homosexual activities, he cited women’s soccer.