Lindell Begs, But Fox News Still Won’t Let Him Advertise

The Daily Beast reports:

A Fox News spokesperson on Wednesday evening confirmed to The Daily Beast that Lindell’s two, more recently submitted FrankSpeech ads were, in fact, rejected. “I’m going to make another ad this week, and see if they deny that ad,” Lindell promised on Monday. According to Lindell, following Monday’s rejection, he shot yet another new ad on Tuesday, in which he’s sitting at a desk, with a picture of Jesus Christ and a lion as part of his background.

In this ad, he said, Lindell thanked viewers for their support and told them to “check out my new platform, FrankSpeech,” mentions the special deals on “towels,” and recommends viewers go to the MyPillow website. Lindell said that he and his ad buyers sent the rough cut to Fox the same day it was filmed. By Wednesday, he says he got another hard-no. Lindell was previously one of Fox’s biggest sponsors on the network.

Read the full article. There’s much screaming.