Kraken Lawyer Sidney Powell Claims Democrats Killed Aide To Then-Sen. Kelly Loeffler To Stop Georgia Audit

Mediaite reports:

Appearing last week on far-right preacher Andrew Wommack’s Gospel Truth TV, Sidney Powell alleged that a staffer to then-Senator Kelly Loeffler had been murdered. That staffer, Harrison Deal, 20, was killed in December after his vehicle was involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

“I think what we are dealing with here is pervasive and very, very dark,” said Powell. “It’s organized. It’s well funded. It’s pure evil. They are willing to kill people, à la Kelly Loeffler’s aide in Georgia, who was suddenly blown up in his car on the way to a rally for her.”

The Daily Beast reports:

Powell said, “He happened to be dating Gov. Kemp’s daughter. Gov. Kemp was considering, I think, at that point, a signature audit.” Powell’s claim is, as has come to be expected, a fabrication. Harrison Deal, a campaign staffer for Loeffler, died in a three-vehicle accident last December. An Atlanta man was later charged with second-degree homicide by vehicle.

As I reported last December, the staffer’s death was immediately leapt upon by the QAnon crazies, some of whom claimed that his car had been struck by a missile. Fellow Kraken lawyer Lin Wood posted to his now-banned Twitter account that the accident scene “looks like a bomb exploded.”