Homophobe Carrie Prejean Is Back As Anti-Masker

“I’m a mama bear and I know there’s a lot of mama bears here tonight, and no one’s gonna mess with our cubs.  And tonight I’m simply here to tell you to unmask our children.

“We’re done begging. In fact, we’re done asking for permission. We are gonna be unmasking our children today. The pandemic is over, the parents are done. We’re done asking you, public servants, for permission.

“We are done. You can all wear your masks—in fact you can wear two masks and three masks. You can wear gloves, you can have Plexiglas. I don’t know who you think you are that you think you have more of a say than us the parents and our doctors.

“I don’t know who any of you think you are. I really don’t. It ends today. We are declaring our freedom. This is tyrannical leadership.

“I am paying for this microphone. See those chairs you’re sitting in? We own those chairs. See those lights? We pay for those lights, not you.

“I’m gonna promise you tonight that I will campaign against you, I will, I will fundraise against you, and I will make sure that none of you ever serve in a public space ever again.” – Miss USA 2009 runner-up Carrie Prejean, raging at a California school board.

RELATED: Longtime JMG readers will recall that Prejean, now Carrie Boller, made waves as Miss California when she condemned same-sex marriage during the Miss USA question and answer round.

The anti-LGBT hate group NOM leapt on Prejean’s answer, using it in a national video ad campaign. Prejean later filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against pageant owner Donald Trump, claiming that she’d been fired for her anti-gay marriage answer.

Pageant officials counter-sued for the profits of Prejean’s coming book, claiming it was written in violation of her Miss USA contract. Notably, the counter-suit included a demand for the return of the money given Prejean for breast implants.

Both suits were dropped in an undisclosed settlement after a solo sex tape of Prejean surfaced. TMZ reported on the tape, but said it was “extremely graphic” and could not be posted on their site.

(Prejean was represented by Charles LiMandri, who is in the news this week as the lawyer for the California megachurch which admitted to a COVID outbreak after defying lockdown orders.)

Here on JMG, the sex tape scandal earned Prejean the nickname “Ladyfingers” and she quickly vanished from all of NOM’s materials and website.