Homocon Riot Suspect: Cops Are Suing Me, Send $$$

Via email from homocon riot suspect Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots, This will be a short and simple email. My criminal case regarding January 6th is quite close to moving on to the resolution stage. There should be significant news to report on that within the next few weeks, but until then- that’s all I’m at liberty to say about that at the moment.

However, this past week I was served a summons in the civil case created by a leftwing activist group called The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. I encourage you to look at their website and you’ll learn everything you need to know about these folks perceive the world within about 15 seconds.

The lawsuit alleges exactly what you might expect- Donald Trump is a white supremacist, you’re a white supremacist, I’m a white supremacist, your dog is a white supremacist, your grandma is a white supremacist, your refrigerator is a white supremacist, your mailbox is a white supremacist, your black friends are white supremacists, your hispanic friends are white supremacists, your mixed race family are white supremacists…. you get the point.

And since we’re all white supremacists, and since we voted for Trump, and since we dared to articulate that the Election was highly irregular, we must be severely punished. Specifically, we must be severely punished because by thinking the Election was highly irregular we put black and brown people in danger because we’ve invalidated their votes.

**SMALL SIDEBAR- the fact that black and brown people LEFT the Democrats to vote for Trump, and Biden gained ONLY with straight, white men isn’t acknowledged in this suit’s assertions against me. Facts are inconvenient.

Patriots, I know this has been a brutal year and I know I’ve asked a lot of you in terms of patience and support. But I really do need your help and support here. This civil case could cost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars for me to defend if it’s not dismissed.

As I have always put myself on the line to be the voice of the American voter (of ALL RACES, COLORS, ORIENTATIONS, AND CREEDS!), I’m hoping the American voters will stand by me now.

I have a matter of weeks to respond to the complaint I was served with. I need to hire a civil attorney immediately and this will cost a great deal of money. Please help if you can! Click here to make a one time or a recurring support payment toward my legal defense.

The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law are representing Capitol Police in this lawsuit, something that Straka conveniently fails to mention.