Franklin Graham Hails Lockdown-Defying Megachurch

From Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

Congratulations to Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church in California! Thank you for standing firm. This is a huge victory for religious liberty—it’s a win for all of us! The Constitution has the last word.

This situation was an abuse of power by those making the decisions in their county and their state. Pastor MacArthur said this was a “David and Goliath story.”

Attorney Jenna Ellis said the message to Christians is, “Always stand firm in the truth. And you may be the only one, but in the end you will prevail and you’ll give others hope and courage to stand firm as well.”

Last week MacArthur admitted that he, his wife, and many members of his congregation had contracted COVID. The church did not report the outbreak, in violation of state law. Yet he still won a huge settlement.

According to the Los Angeles Times, members of the church “feared retribution” if they discussed the outbreak and staff members were pressured not to report it to health officials.

Students at the church’s school were reportedly mocked if they obeyed COVID protocols.

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