Florida Teachers See Their $1000 Bonus Checks Bounce

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

When dozens of Florida teachers tried to cash their state-issued $1,000 bonus checks this week, they got a startling response: “insufficient funds.” No, the State of Florida hasn’t run out of money. Instead, the bad checks are being blamed on a “banking error” by JPMorgan Chase. The $1,000 bonuses have been a prominent piece of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ legislative agenda, and received bipartisan support in the Florida Legislature.

The bounced checks were the latest glitch over DeSantis’ handling of $1,000 bonuses to teachers, principals and first responders, money that came from federal COVID relief funding. Instead of sending the money to school districts to distribute, like in the past, DeSantis’ administration decided to issue the checks individually, with an accompanying letter signed by DeSantis. The state paid a private contractor $3.6 million to print and send the checks.

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