Florida QAnon Anti-Vax Councilman/Pastor Returns From COVID Hospitalization To Vote Down Vax Incentive

The Daytona News-Journal reports:

Councilman Fred Lowry returned (virtually) to the Volusia County Council for Tuesday’s meeting and said he was “doing good” after being hospitalized with COVID-19 earlier this month. The 67-year-old Republican attracted controversy this summer for promoting conspiracy theories at his church. “We did not have a pandemic, folks. We were lied to,” Lowry said in a sermon, during which he called Anthony Fauci “Dr. Falsey.”

In a split vote, the council rejected a leave policy that would have incentivized county employees get a coronavirus vaccine. Councilwoman Heather Post proposed the amendment. Lowry seconded the motion and said the policy would leave out folks like him who had natural immunity, though the CDC does advise vaccines after recovery from COVID-19 or 90 days after treatment with monoclonal antibodies.

From a June Orlando Sentinel editorial:

Somehow, in the course of a 45-minute sermon, Fred Lowry was able to tell enough lies and spout enough conspiracies to fill a garbage truck, which is exactly where his May 30 sermon belongs. Everything from a stolen election to QAnon quackery to pandemic denial.

Yes, a Facebook Live video shows one of Volusia County’s top elected officials preaching to the congregation about satanic rituals and torturing children and using their blood to extract a compound called adrenochrome, which is then used in the belief it brings on hallucinations, intensifies personalities and slows the aging process.